We’ve been reading some great testimonials, so we thought why not let our community do some bragging for us? Here are some testimonials from real people, just like you!

Silicon Valley Skydiving, According To You

Hello there! I NEVER write reviews but I had to give a major shout out to ASHLIE and

Silicon Valley Skydiving for the BEST skydiving experience of my life.

This is my third jump (first was in NC, second in NY) and I must say that this establishment had the friendliest, most patient and relatable team that I’ve ever met and ASHLIE definitely took the cake! My friend and I are considering getting licensed and will definitely do so at Silicon Valley Skydiving. Thanks for a great Labor day weekend :-)!

~ Vanecie Delva

Hollister Airport, 45 miles south of San Jose is home to best staff and group of fun jumpers in all of California.

Silicon Valley Skydiving is notorious for their off-site landing area, “420-up” Cypres setting, and short bus ride back to the DZ for all the “special kids”. Gear sales include altimeters, eye wear, apparel, and used canopies & containers. You can jump during the week with an appointment, or jump all day on the weekends. While other DZs in the area close early, Silicon Valley Skydiving lets you enjoy beautiful sunset loads.

Silicon Valley Skydiving takes customer service to the next level.

Their staff is skilled, friendly, talented, safe, and fun. You’ll find AMAZING cameramen with the skills of “skygods,” but without the ego and attitude. Frequently on weekends, after a long day of jumping, you will find BBQ and beer (courtesy of first timers = “case of beer”…only the good stuff / no canned beer).

Whether you’re a first time tandem, AFF student, or experienced fun jumper, there’s a place for you at Silicon Valley Skydiving.

Silicon Valley Skydiving has a PAC, which will take you to 13.5k. The PAC is slower to altitude but descends quickly and can cycle loads just as fast as other planes over a course of a day. The facilities are cozy and spacious, and good music always sets a cool vibe. Wireless internet is available if you ask nicely for the password. Prices are average for an experience with an above average staff. If blocks of jumps weren’t such a big investment, I would call Silicon Valley Skydiving home in a heartbeat… but it will always be my home DZ at heart.

~ Delta Gear

Having completed the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course at Silicon Valley Skydiving, I highly recommend the drop zone for anybody interested in learning skydiving in a supportive, professional and fun environment.

The Hollister crew is highly experienced and instructors have thousands of jumps under their belts, yet somehow they have maintained complete enthusiasm for their jobs and are out to have fun, while educating students in best practices. I was looking for a drop zone, where I could find a team of highly motivated people, who love their profession and are willing to make me a part of their family. I felt this was essential to provide the best environment for learning skydiving basics and developing skills sets rooted in safety. Silicon Valley Skydiving delivered beyond expectations 🙂 I finished all seven jumps of the AFF course in one weekend, just as I had hoped. My instructor was extremely professional and made me feel very comfortable throughout the course. I enjoyed learning from experienced skydivers, who were also great teachers. The AFF course is a lot of material to absorb in one weekend and these guys helped me through it all and made it fun! I’ll be forever grateful 🙂 I loved Silicon Valley Skydiving so much, that I made 25 skydives within three weekends; can’t wait to go back after Xmas holidays. Come and say hi, when you see me!

~ Andre Nakkurt

Well skydiving was always been a dream but with the scary thoughts for me. When you have such an awesome instructor then no matter how scary things are you will hit the buzzer. You are an awesome Master ASHLIE . It seems like my dream will change into my passion now 🙂

~ Shishir Prakash

I came here to skydive with a group of friends and had an amazing experience! I did a tandem jump, and Ronaldo made sure I was safe and had a good time! Definitely recommend!

~ Kristen Shipley

This is the best place to go skydiving in the Monterey area.

The staff and instructors are excellent. They really helped me out with getting re-certified and making all of my jumps enjoyable. Mikey is the packer and he’s excellent at his job. They do have a rigger on hand. Tandems to 18k and fun jumpers to 13k.

~ Marcus Killingsworth

Silicon Valley Skydiving is awesome! i did my aff there this last july and have only missed one weekend since my first jump. my aff instructors were the best, and i would highly recommend this dropzone. nice, big, safe landing area, fantastic views all the way from the ocean to the sierras, super fun people, high standard for safety, and great weather- just to name a few things. i love this place!

~ mellow


My instructor was Ronaldo, he was incredibly professional, thorough and focused. I’m new to the sport and just completing my AFF (beginning stages of Skydiving) and I could not be more pleased with the entire group. The man who packs the parachutes, Mikey, is also incredibly thorough and very focused. The equipment looked very well-maintained and the rest of the staff and fun jumpers made me feel incredibly welcome. In just a few weekends it already feels like a second family. I would suggest to anyone (even if you’re skeptical) to drive out there and just hang out for a day. You will see how wonderful it is and you will be in the air before you know with a smile from ear to ear! Thank you to Ronaldo, Vitor, Mikey, Gustavo and anyone else I did not mention! Truly WONDERFUL!

Thanks to all our loyal fans and sky tribe initiates!

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