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Important Info You Need to Know



Silicon Valley Skydiving is located right off Highway 101, just 1 hour south of San Francisco, SanFran’s closest tandem skydiving center.  If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley Skydiving makes skydiving in California easy and convenient. Located only 25 minutes from downtown San Jose, we are the nearest skydiving center from anywhere in the Bay Area. Operating for over 25 years, our dropzone offers a range of experiences for whatever your level of expertise.

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  • There is a weight limit of 250 pounds, SVS will charge extra per pound over 200 pounds. Call us for details (800-FUN-JUMP)
  • The Jump: The first jump is a Tandem Skydive on a parachute built for two people. The Jump is made from between 18,000 and 8,000 feet (depending on the skydive you purchased) weather permitting and you will freefall down to 6000 feet where the parachute is opened.
  • Our dropzone operation days and hours can be found at the bottom of each page on our website.
  • The day of your skydive, we ask that you to plan on spending your whole day with us.  However, if weather is not a problem (wind / rain) the normal duration of your visit is about 3 hours. (from the time you arrive to the time you depart).
  • Save time the day of your skydive and watch the required video before you arrive.  You can find the video below – it takes around 5 minutes
  • Complete your required waiver online prior to arrival.  – Whether reserving online or calling in your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email that contains a link to the required waiver.
  • If you need to change or cancel the reservation, please phone SVS’s reservation department 5 full days prior to reservation date, after which there is a late cancellation fee per person or possible loss of the jumps. If booking within the 5 day window, this policy is in effect.
  • Flight days might change due to safety, weather, operational and/or regulatory constrains, in which case affected customer will be contacted and any required jump reschedule will be performed by SVS without rescheduling fee.
  • Once on site and checked in, you will meet your tandem instructor who will walk you through the entire skydive process and will answer and questions you may have about the jump.
  • Wear something that you don’t mind getting a little dirty and possibly a grass stain.
    • For landing your instructor will glide your in comfortably (like a baseball player sliding)
  • Dress appropriately for the weather (temperature) on the ground the day of your skydive.
  • Sneakers or shoes that lace up are required.  No sandals, high heels or work boots!
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at ALL TIMES.
  • If you are concerned about the weather, please call us in advance.  Our number can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • If you want to continue your skydiving instruction we offer a Solo Skydiving (AFF) program. The AFF program is outlined here.
  • When comparing us to other Dropzones ask them:
    • What is their jump altitude?
      • We fly up to 18,000 feet, weather permitting
    • Additional thoughts and questions can be found in our post here.

Reservations and Payment

  • Please make a reservation prior to coming out to ensure adequate staffing. You may make your reservation online or call the office at 800-FUN-JUMP.
  • We accept CASH, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and DISCOVER. We do not accept personal checks.
  • A major credit card or a debit card is required to hold your reservation. Your credit card will be charged a deposit of $50.00 at the time of your reservation and you will pay the balance when you arrive for your skydive. If you do not have a major credit card then we require a cash deposit per person.

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