What does it cost to go skydiving?

So you’re wondering how much skydiving costs. We’ll say it upfront – we try to give access to skydive to the largest possible amount of people – and we do offer some very cost attractive jump options, but keep in mind that those options are usually limited to our low altitude jump from 8,000 feet with only 10 seconds of free fall. But if you are looking to learn how to jump solo, click here and we’ll take you to another page.

Back to tandem jumping, in short, skydiving is a very affordable experience considering it’s something that has the power to create some amazing everlasting memories on you, memories that will bring you joy every time you revive.

The average price for skydiving in San Francisco or skydiving in Bay Area is around $200 for a 12,000 feet jump with 40 seconds of free fall. Here in Hollister we offer the 50 seconds free fall 13,000 feet jump for a low price, and different from other skydiving centers, we also offer an 18,000 feet jump that gives you 90 seconds of pure free fall adrenaline. Want to know more, stay tuned on our social media channels for special deals that pop up from time to time. What you must know before booking your skydiving is that the decision to just walk-in or jump with a reservation will certainly affect the price and availability (with the second choice usually being cheaper). It will also depend if you are jumping with a group or by yourself, because group discounts increases as the group size grows. But if you’re the “no procrastination” kind of person and you’re free fall thirsty already, you can book right now or check our skydiving pricing page that shows our skydive cost and the skydiving jump altitudes we offer, piece of cake. Here in Silicon Valley Skydiving we also offer a discount if you buy a second skydive on the same day you do you first time jump. Just ask if you are eligible for the same day deal after you jump. it’s a ticket you can use or give as a present to anyone looking for things to do in San Francisco.

Well, if you read up to this point you probably have further questions about how much does it cost to go skydiving, or general skydiving pricing. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

How much does it cost to go skydiving?

In Silicon Valley Skydiving you’ll be parachute jumping from a PAC 750, a $1.5 Million turboprop airplane specifically built for skydiving jump operations. You’ll be harnessed to jump using a $35 thousand tandem parachute systems which is also equipped with an AAD (Automatic Activation Device) electronic system that automatically activates the tandem parachute in case of an emergency. You will also be personally briefed and accompanied by an instructor who invested a lot on his or her career to be able to safely provide you this experience. On top of all that there’s ground crew, JET-A Fuel, parachute maintenance and all other costs every company has with payroll accounting and etc. Office wise we are just like any other company, and Uncle Sam points to us exactly the same way, but different from other companies we get to skydive, and we love it!

What do tandem skydiving prices include?

  • A highly experienced USPA – Certified Tandem Instructor.

  • A personal briefing session, in which you’ll learn more about what to do for a better tandem skydiving jump.

  • Fitting and use of all necessary gear for safety and comfort.

  • A beautiful ride up to skydiving exit altitude in our gorgeous valley right above San Andreas Fault.

  • About a minute in free fall (depending on the jump altitude).

  • A 5 to 6 minutes scenic flight under the parachute

Things to be aware about skydiving pricing.

Many skydiving centers have extra fees hidden behind their prices, and they come up with many fancy names like “Fuel Surcharge Fee”, “Airport Handling Fee”, “Weekend/Season Surcharge Fee” and etc. But in the end, those are just ways to trick you into believing in a lower advertised skydive pricing and banking on their customers after they are already standing for check-in.

We believe that trust is one of the main factors when selecting a skydiving center. When you trust us we don’t want to disappoint you with any hidden fees. We do have a more complex pricing in place but that’s the way we found to make the skydiving pricing and cost all clear, and also because we are one of the only skydiving centers in San Francisco area offering different jump altitudes. So, on top of our advertised skydiving pricing, we only carry two common fees which you’ll come across on every skydiving center in the world, the weight fee and a cash discount fee. The first one is based on the jumper weight limit to skydive. We have a weight limit of 250lb, and we charge $2 per lb. above 200lb. although we can take a heavier jumper depending on their body proportions and physical strength.

So what are we saying is: “Don’t schedule your tandem skydiving experience based only on the advertised pricing.” Check everything, especially reviews.

How much is skydiving near me?

So if you’re looking for things to do in San Francisco, Bay Area, or searching for things to do in Monterey Bay or Santa Cruz. Yes! Then you’re just a few steps away, book online or give us a call at 1-800-FUN-JUMP / 831-318-1747 and get ready for a life changing experience.