Subway, McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, all great places for a quick cheap meal, but that’s it. Now, can you picture the same business model, applied to a skydiving center? Just imagine a skydiving center with the same philosophy “Come, check-in, pick your combo, jump, bye … stranger.”

Tandem Factory

Well, weird as it sounds, there are a few places like that, and the skydiving community even has a name for them, they’re called “Tandem Factories”. And just like the fast food chains, those skydiving centers provide a “Skydive Express” kind of service. Please, please, we’re not suggesting that those are bad or unsafe places, but we believe that there’s so much more involved in an event like this, and we are certain that your experience wouldn’t be as good and fun if you end up in a place like this.

There are plenty of tandem factories in California, and here is how to spot them: just ask if they are a USPA Training Center, and their availability for solo students or experienced jumpers. If you feel any resistance, its probably a tandem skydive factory. They operate on a very impersonal streamlined workflow, more like an assembly line, where after check in stage, you get to harness stage done by some sort of assistant – not your instructor, as recommended by USPA – then you move to boarding stage where you finally meet the instructor, which half way up to altitude might still be struggling to remember the passenger’s ‘X’ name (a.k.a: you), and with some luck you’ll be able to take a picture with him/her after your landing, before your instructor rushes to the next customer on the line.

VIP Life’s Event

For us skydiving will become a major event in your life, and part of what will make this event a remarkable one is how comfortable and welcome our staff, and especially your skydiving instructor will make you feel. We believe that for you to enjoy the skydiving experience to its fullest potential, there is no other way other than the VIP way. Something that a tandem factory will never be able to accomplish, it’s just way too much for them to handle. It would be just like expecting a valet parking at Taco Bell.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check the reviews. Yeah, do just like we do on online dates nowadays … silly! Online-stalk them. Advertising is out there to catch everyone’s attention, but you don’t have to sink into all the marketing hooks when you can get a lot about a dropzone’s vibe from the reviews that have been shared by previous jumpers. You’ll quickly get a sense of their personality, which in our case, translates to a Very Personal Experience.

Just like flying a great airline, on the best upgraded seat, it wouldn’t be very enjoyable if you’ve got a rude flight attendant on board, and at Silicon Valley Skydiving we all carry a passion for skydiving and the belief that the first time jumping out of an airplane will be one of the top events anyone can experience in their lifetime, and we only keep staff that feels the same way.

So be sure to check our reviews, you’ll feel the joy before you even check-in!

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