How much does it cost to sky dive in California?
At Silicon Valley Skydiving, we offer then most competitive rates for skydiving in the bay area and all of Northern California. Here is a breakdown of our tandem sky diving prices.
Tandem Jump How high? Freefall time Weekday Price Weekend Price
Highest Altitude Tandem Skydive 18,000 feet up to 90 seconds $268 $297
California’s Tandem Skydive 13,000 feet about a minute $169 $198
Basic Fast Tandem Skydive 8,000 feet 10 seconds $139 $188
The highest skydive offered is at 18,000 feet and gives you way over a minute of freefall time, up to a minute and a half. That’s an eternity in the world of sky diving! You will be flown to altitude in our PAC750XL turboprop airplane and gently hurled out the door. Once you reach about 5000 feet your instructor will deploy the parachute and gently steer you to the ground for a perfect landing. The cost for the 18000 foot Highest Tandem Skydive is $268 on weekdays, and $297 on weekends.

Another great skydive for beginners is California’s Tandem Skydive from 13,000 feet. This parachute jump offers about a minute of free fall, which is still plenty of time to take in your amazing skydiving experience. California’s Tandem Skydive from 13000 feet costs $169 on weekdays and $198 on weekends.

We also offer a basic, very fast skydive with only about 10 seconds of freefall. This jump is not very popular as this is barely enough time to experience the rush of freefall, and you do not reach terminal velocity. The price for this jump is $139 on a weekday and $188 on weekends.

Whichever tandem skydive you choose, you will have an amazing experience with fantastic coastal views at Silicon Valley Skydiving! Book your jump today, or call 8313181747 for more information. See you in the sky!