A Life-Changing Experience

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Some are in it for the rush, some want to push their limits, some are working on their bucket list, and these are great reasons. But here’s an even better one, and any of the sport skydivers will tell you – Skydiving Changes Lives.

The adrenaline junkies who work and jump at Silicon Valley Skydiving. With our pilot and our airplane.
The cast and crew of Silicon Valley Skydiving’s airshow, join us every weekend!

> Brain Chemistry

The intense emotions and sensation created by skydiving elicit the brain to secrete a dynamic chemical combination: adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine. These chemicals are strongly associated with extreme sports and their benefits to our lives are important.

Adrenaline is an evolutionary response to help us survive in extreme situations. Kicking in when your brain senses danger, this intense hormone circulates through your body forcing extreme physical changes in seconds. Adrenaline heightens awareness and energy levels, increasing cognitive functions. This burst of clarity allows us to experience the world differently.

Serotonin is a neural transmitter connector that influences important functions in our brain including mood, sleep, and anxiety. Increased serotonin levels insert a sense of calm, create more peaceful and productive sleep cycles, increases sex drive, and can even fight depression.

Dopamine is the “goofy” drug that all daredevils crave. Dopamine is your body’s reward system when it decides you’ve done good. Your prize for taking a risk is an immense feeling of happiness and excitement. Dopamine also increases focus, improves memory and stimulates creativity.

This explains why we land from our skydives feeling happy and re-energized, with a fresh boost of creative powers and a calming inner balance, ready to tackle anything life throws at us.

Tandem instructor and first time skydiver falling in clear blue skies with Sierra Nevadas in background
> Empowerment

Walking up to the airplane door, looking down and jumping out takes guts. One huge reward for taking the leap is quite simple: you learn that you CAN. This sense of empowerment gives us the courage to take big risks in life and in business. You jumped out of a plane, dropped through the sky, and landed on the ground.

Knowing that you DID that makes taking other risks seem so much smaller. You replay the big leap in your head every time you worry about taking a risk.

Scared to make a move on your new crush? No big deal – you jumped out of a plane!  Asking your boss for a raise?  YOU JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE. Deciding on whether to make a big life change? You dropped from 13, 000 feet at 120 mph and lived to tell about this!

Hey, you got this, you’re a boss.

> Changing Perspective

With the combination of the chemical mixture, empowerment, and being part of a diverse group of new amazing people, it’s not an exaggeration to say that your perception of life will change.

We start looking at the world at a different angle, appreciating our lives and the opportunities we get. We become happier people, better friends and ingenious problem solvers, all due back to the fact that we once stepped out that door.

360 degree handcam footage. made for VR

> Better Relationships

Skydiving is an intimate sport, and not just because you have to get close and personal in the plane. The intensity, intimacy and extreme celebrations of skydiving create a special bond between fellow jumpers.

When you start skydiving, you instantly become friends with the entire skydiving community, which, you will notice, is like one big family. Skydivers truly make great friends, and this fact alone is one of the main reasons we come back to our dropzone every weekend.

The empowerment, collaboration, respect for trust, and heightened perception we mentioned above are also some of the best tools for building a strong, lasting relationship.

Crazy crew and fun jumpers at our landing area

Wish you were here!

This Is Why We Skydive, This Is How It Changes Our Lives!