Learn To  Skydive – AFF Student Resources

Below you will find information that will be helpful as you progress through your skydiving training.

Skydiver’s Information Manual

The Skydiver’s Information Manual (SIM) provides basic skydiving standards (the Basic Safety Requirements) and recommendations agreed upon by USPA members for the conduct of safe and enjoyable skydiving.  This manual will be your primary information resource as you begin your skydiving license progression.

Hand Signals

Since you cannot hear speech during freefall, your instructor will communicate through the use of hand signals. 

Proper Body Position

Correct Body Position • Do this and all your skydives will go much more smoothly!

Determining Stall Point

It is important that skydivers be able to recognize when a parachute is approaching its stall point, how to stall, and how to recover from a stall.

Flying Your Parachute To The Target

Use this information to fly your parachute to the proper landing area that was covered in your on the ground training.

How To Pro Pack

Learning to pack your own parachute is part of your AFF training.  You can begin to learn about the pro packing process here.