How do I find a skydiving center near me?

We know this is completely about you, about YOUR life changing experience, an experience that will remain on you memory forever. So ask yourself this: how extensive would the search be if you were: planning a surprise proposal? Or if you were choosing what to wear for your wedding? Buying your first car?

Forgive all the rhetorical questions, it’s just that we believe the same mentality applies to everyone considering a skydive experience. Choosing the company and professionals who will take you on this ultimate experience is a very important decision. Knowing how to choose where to go skydiving will make a huge difference. So sit tight and buckle up because we’re about to take-off … and your adventure is barely starting!

first time tandem skydiver above Silicon Valley Skydiving

So, Are All Skydiving Centers the Same?

Short answer: They’re not.

First of all, while navigating Google you’ll definitely run across a handful of fake skydiving centers. Let’s say you Google skydiving near me. Big chance that some of the top results are not even real skydiving centers but just middle-men re-sellers trying to make a buck over your freefall thirst. Remember RushCube?

But hey, you’re free to book with anyone and whatever ticket you buy you’ll probably end up in freefall at some point. Since you made all the way here, you’re probably very optimistic about skydiving, so we want you to be well prepared and ready to make a smart choice by being informed about what to look for.

An amazing skydiving experience goes way beyond just falling from an airplane. Every skydiving center must know how to deal with multiple elements to make up for their customer experience, and the more aware you about a place’s reputation you become, the better your choice will be. It takes highly experienced skydiving instructors who learn to skydive from the United States Parachute Association, and experienced staff throughout the operation.

Searching For Your Parachuting Dropzone

So let’s start with the basics. According to what we learned from customers looking for a first time skydiving, a lot of people type in the following terms when searching for a great place to skydive, so here are some quick answers and directions.

Common Search Topics:

  • how to choose a skydiving center – Research their reviews

  • how to pick a skydiving company – Make sure it’s a real Skydiving Center

  • how to choose the right skydiving center – Call their office and make sure it’s a physical location not a call center

  • where should i go skydiving – Search for a place with reliable weather

  • how to select a professional skydiving center – Make sure the place you select is a USPA Member

  • skydiving near me – Convenience is good but an extra 30min driving is totally worth for a much better experience. You only get one first time!

  • skydiving pricing – make sure you understand what you’re paying for! Focus on value.

What’s Important

Here are a few things you should consider a Skydiving Center and their level of importance. This should help you to guide your decision.

  • USPA (United States Parachute Association) Member – Very High

  • Reviews – High

  • Personal Service – High

  • Weather – High

  • Price – Medium

  • Aircraft – Medium

  • Physical Location – High

  • Facilities – Medium

  • Online Reservation – Low

  • Clear Skydive Pricing Page – Medium

  • Weather – Medium

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