Complete Guide on What to Wear Skydiving

Alright. You’ve booked your first skydive. You’ve watched skydiving videos on repeat. Now comes the big question. What to wear while skydiving for the first time? What are the best skydiving shoes? What about sky diving jumpsuits? Can you wear leggings to skydive? If you signed up for our video packages and want to be comfortable and look good for the camera, you are in luck! Let’s have a quick look at what to wear when skydiving.

In California skydiving is an activity that is enjoyed by millions, but many people have not yet done a first time skydive. If you wish to enjoy it, the right outfit it’s an important part of your preparation. Don’t let these mistakes stop you from jumping out of an airplane. Being prepared is how you get ready for a life-changing experience when jumping out of the airplane.


Skydiving is a sport. So think athletic wear. Low profile, form fitting, functional, and flexible are the way to go. Avoid big jackets with excessive fabric, hoods, straps, or strings. Dressing like you were going for a hike is a good starting point.


Close toe shoes are a must! Tennis shoes or sneakers are the way to go as those are usually lightweight and cover the whole foot. As a general orientation, we’re basically looking for a good protection that won’t slip off from your feet in free fall. You probably wouldn’t like to be skydiving near me if my shoes could fall in your head!

For some more comprehensive information about skydiving shoes, we have another great article about the best skydiving shoes.


If you are thinking about what to wear for you skydive, it is good to keep in mind that this sport is incredibly dependent on mother nature, and the Monterey skydiving weather conditions makes it even more unique. It’s best to be ready to add or remove a layer, so you can quickly adjust for an ideal skydiving experience. You don’t need pockets, ditch the cellphone (and the wallet) in your car and bring us your keys. We promise we’ll give them back to you after your parachute landing.


As the airplane climbs to the jump altitude the temperature drops, especially for us skydiving in the Bay Area where the weather can be very pleasant during the summer and the winter, but the temperature can change a lot with the altitude variation. Shorts and t-shirts are ok on hot days, but we do recommend longer clothing. Those will provide better skin protection against the sun, the colder air at altitude, as well as extra protection for the parachute landing. (Just in case we need to slide.)

Temperature (F) Top Wear
Bottom Wear
30 – 40 Thermal Undershirt
Long Sleeve
Light Jacket
Thermal Underwear
Long Jeans
Warm Socks

Tennis or Sneakers

40 – 50 Long Sleeve
Light Jacket
Long Jeans Warm Socks

Tennis or Sneakers

50 -60 Long Sleeve Long Jeans Tennis or Sneakers
60 – 70 T-Shirt Shorts or Jeans Tennis or Sneakers
70+ T-Shirt Shorts or Jeans Tennis or Sneakers


Keep in mind that you’ll be sky diving at 120mph so you and your instructor want to be as comfortable as possible while jumping. A long hair flying loose will not only hit your instructor in the face but also leave you with a lot of hair knots. The easiest and best solution is to secure it back in a nice and low ponytail.

As far as accessories, those are usually a big NO for skydiving. Jewelry can snag on clothes or even be ripped out from you by the movements and speeds during the free fall. You’re welcome to wear them on your way to the airport, but you should leave them secure in your car while you are skydiving.


Preparing for the first time skydive can make some people quite anxious which can lead them to forget about a few important things. Nothing to worry about, our experienced staff is waiting for you and ready to jump into this life-changing experience.