If you’re jumping tandem for the very first time, you may be wondering if there’s some way to document this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Even if you continue to skydive (once you try it, you probably will. Once you’ve been bit by the skydiving bug, it’s hard to think about much else!), you’ll only ever get one first time. You’ll be glad it was at Silicon Valley Skydiving!

The experience of tilting out of that plane door looking down at the world thousands of feet beneath you, the moment your foot lifts off the step and you are suddenly alone with the wind…these things and plenty of others are hard to describe to someone who has never been in freefall, or under a canopy. That’s why you see so many videos on YouTube; everyone tries to get video of their jump. It’s simply the only way you can relate just how incredible your adventure was to your friends and family.

still frame from a tandem skydiving video shot with a 360 degree gopro camera

There’s no substitute.

Capturing your skydive on film is a no-brainer. Why? First, it’s a forever souvenir from the ride of your life, a permanent record of an amazing experience that you can watch and relive over and over.

Second, it’s a fun way to share the experience with your loved ones, especially if they contributed in any way like a friend who chipped in, a parent who came to cheer you on, or your very best friend ever who bought you a skydive for your birthday! It’s nice to be able to show them what they helped you do.

TLDR: “Pics or it didn’t happen.”