Meet the HolSky Bunch – DZO Ronaldo Tkotz


Ronaldo Tkotz is one of our Drop Zone owners and is our DZO. He, along with Vitor Tamarozi, started his journey at Silicon Valley Skydiving in October of 2017. Although that’s definitely not when he started his skydiving career. Ronaldo carries his D License along with AFF-I + COACH-E ratings.

Why do you skydive?

I’ve always loved flying. When I was a child I use-to dream every night about kicking my feet and flying up… free like Peter Pan in Neverland. I guess skydiving is the closest I can get from those childhood dreams. It’s the ultimate feeling of freedom!

How old were you when you made your first jump?

I was 15 years old. Yes, back in the days when sex was safe and skydiving was dangerous, teens were also allowed to be thrown out of flying airplanes.

What’s the highest altitude you’ve jumped from?

20,000 feet. It was on a big way jump with over 100 skydivers and I was on the outer side of the formation. On some jumps I had more time in freefall then under the canopy.

When did you realize you enjoyed skydiving enough to do it as a living?

I don’t feel I do it for a living, I feel more like living for doing it.

How many jumps do you make in a year?

Last year I made about 600 jumps.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve feared for your life? If so, why?

Yes! Why,…? because there was a drunk guy walking on the freeway and I had to crash my car to avoid running over him.

If you had one word to describe free-fall, what would it be?

The word is ‘VibbeIzzynTheAir’ Lol!!!

What has been your most memorable jump to date?

I was training for a big way record… on a 10 minute call for the jump my wife called me to tell me she was pregnant with our first child. That was one memorable jump!

If you could pick one person to skydive with, who would it be and why?

Can’t pick one, have to pick two. My kids, Martin and Sabina.

What would your “Dream Skydive” be?

Same answer as above, but since it is a dream we would all be head down.

What is your favorite part of the sport?

Not sure if it is the very first second I leave the airplane door or the very first second I see my parachute fully inflated.

What other hobbies do you enjoy outside of skydiving?

Lately I have been negligent with this hobby, but I love sailing.

What type of work did you do before skydiving?

I did a ton of things already but my background is in industrial engineering. I used to manage an engineering department for an auto-parts factory.

How does your family feel about you being a skydiver?

They all jumped already…. More than once. My brother, sister and the in laws are all skydivers. What else can I say?!?

If you had any advice to anyone else thinking of getting into skydiving what would it be?

Don’t race your ego, you are going to lose. And it usually hurts a lot!